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Motion demo for National Gallery Website

Motion for Huggies Dry Pants Social Video.

Every child has their own ambition and by using "Passion" to target on self-esteem issue, this allow children to do what comes naturally to them. 

Coming up with an campaign named "Dreams Into Deeds", which is taking dreams into actions. 

This event is for children to learn more about themselves and to allow them to focus on the positive experience. In short, children can get to pick their dream job, learn about it and start having fun.

Tech A Break - The 24 Hour Challenge Campaign

Tech A Break (“Take A Break”) is derived from the idea of taking a break from technology. The cause is to create a social awareness campaign on the obsession with technology and social media or also known as FOMO (The Fear of Missing Out), which is a real phenomenon and has deeply affected the living and social habits of people today.

The objective of this campaign is to create a platform for people to pull away from this increasingly hectic world. The idea is not to be anti-technology and by tapping on the power of social media, although an oxymoron, would be the most effective and fastest way to interact with our target audience ­– the Gen Y crowd (Mainly age 18 to 35 years old) – who are known to be incredibly sophisticated technology wise.

“Let’s grab a coffee” is a common phrase used between co-workers, friends and families or even to a stranger. Café hopping is an increasingly popular activity among our target audience. With that in mind, a pop-up café is created carrying the campaign’s message on the importance to strike a balance and learn to practice unplugging, unwinding, getting outdoors, and reconnecting with loved ones.

What does it mean to be a good society?

Being able to succeed? Ensuring peace & harmony? or being a competitive country?

Awards: 2D Animation & Art Direction - Bronze (Crowbar Awards 2010)

To brand Zed as a academy where one gets the chance to step into another world using their own unique ways to think out of the box.

Being able to meet new people who shares the same passion.

- Wunderman Branding - 2nd Runner Up (2010) 
- Brand New Awards - Best of Category - Logo/Identity Animation (2010)

Opener for The National Science Challenge 2011

Museums cover a wide range of themes - from art, culture, history to fashion and hobbies. It is like embarking on a magical journey which opens your eyes to a whole new world and allows you to discover and experience museums like never before!

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